Express $150,000 Loan Program!

$150,000 in Working Capital with a low current monthly payment of $1,780.53*

Access to Working Capital Fast and Hassle Free!

Details of Offer

Loan Size $150,000**
Pre-Payment Penalty None
Term 10 Years
Interest Rate Currently 7.50%, Variable*
Bank Processing Fee $2,500 paid from loan proceeds
Personal Guarantee (Unsecured)
All owners

Min. Credit Score 660


 SBA Guarantee Fee $2,550 paid from loan proceeds
Industry All Eligible Small For-Profit Businesses
as defined by the SBA***
Collateral All Business Assets
Security Interest Best Available
Ownership Maximum of 3 owners
Balloon Payment None
Min. Monthly Revenue $12,000
 Referral Fee  $2,500



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*Loans have a variable rate of WSJ Prime Rate +2.75%. The current WSJ Prime Rate is 4.75% and is subject to change. The monthly payment amount is based on the current variable rate.

**Loan amounts subject to meeting program requirements.

***Franchise loans are not available at this time.

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